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Massage has many benefits such as reducing stress, improves circulation, helps reduce pain, improves sleep quality, increased flexibility, helps elevate mood and reduce depression and anxiety, and improves and promotes healing.

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All About Sandra

Wild Lotus Massage & Bodywork offers personalized massage with therapeutic grade essential oils and other amenities. Sandra is an experienced therapist with a practice focused on collaborative wellness and relieving the body burden caused by the many stressors of daily life such as overuse, chronic illness, mental health issues, grief and loss. Starting with an intention of deep relaxation then moving toward calming the nervous system and allowing the client to more easily release all that is being held in both the emotional and physical body. Trauma aware. Creating a space of safety, non-judgement and grounded presence. All are welcome.

Sandra is an experienced & licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist practicing a unique blend of modalities such as Swedish, Myofascial Release, Energy, Cranial Sacral, Oncology and more. Thirteen years of experience has led to a focus on deep relaxation as a way to reset the nervous system, which in turn, allows the soft tissue of the body to more easily release what is being held. She is trauma-aware with a belief that “the body keeps the score” (Bessel van der Kolk) and understands how daily stress, chronic illness, mental health issues, grief, trauma and PTSD can affect well-being. Therapeutic grade essential oils are always included (optional) and you always have a voice in creating your treatment plan. If you experience any of these challenges and would like to see how regular bodywork could change things for you, consider scheduling your massage today. New client? Use code WILDLOTUSNEW at checkout to save $10 on your first massage.


Relax. Connect. Transform.

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