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Massage has many benefits such as reducing stress, improves circulation, helps reduce pain, improves sleep quality, increased flexibility, helps elevate mood and reduce depression and anxiety, and improves and promotes healing.

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All About Brad

Bodywork By Brad is a full-service massage practice offering a range of services including therapeutic deep tissue massage, sport massage for injury repair and prevention, relaxation massage for stress reduction and relaxation, and corporate chair massage. Our massage studio is conveniently located within Synergy Wellness Center in downtown La Crosse on the corner of 5th Avenue and Jay Streets. Brad is committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment and has the utmost respect for each and every client he sees. Brad is very professional and specializes in providing strong, deep and broad pressure in his massage techniques. Brad is dedicated to helping his clients feel better, move easier, and relax more often.


Brad has completed more than 1200 hours of instruction and earned his certificate in Massage Therapy from Minnesota State College Southeast in Winona, MN. Brad completed his coursework with a 4.0 GPA and is licensed to practice Bodywork and Massage Therapy in Wisconsin.






7:30am - 5:30pm M,Th

7:30am - 11am T,W,F


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