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About Me

Greetings my name is Chelsey and I am the yogi behind 3C's Alchemy Yoga.  I am the mother of two boys, Caden and Corbin, hence the name 3C's.  I found yoga, or rather yoga found me, in 2011 during a moment of universal happenstance. I was desperate to find peace and heal from a life riddled in adversity and struggle. What I found was my way hOMe, through each intentional breath and movement that brought about a new found awareness to my body, mind, and soul.  After spending the last 6 years as a special education teacher and studying the impacts and effects of trauma on the body, I dug deeper into dysregulated nervous systems and how to address the root cause to re-regulate and heal.  My style of yoga is for everybody and every body, with the intent to help walk you hOMe in your own body. There is some light in the worst of us and some darkness in the best of us.  So many of us are struggling with darkness. It has taken me years to understand that these moments of darkness I too have experienced were a gift. Let's turn darkness into light as we walk each other hOMe. I look forward to breathing and healing with you. 

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